NEW YORK, NEW YORK – On August 26, 2016, Vestar Capital Partners completed a minority equity investment in Presence Marketing, the leading national sales broker of natural and organic food, beverage and personal care products.

Founded in 1990 by Bill Weiland, who continues as majority owner, chairman and chief executive officer, Presence is headquartered in South Barrington, IL, with more than 500 employees throughout the United States. Presence is the only national sales broker dedicated exclusively to natural and organic products, providing best-in-class sales brokerage services in one of the fastest-growing segments in consumer products.

“Bill Weiland is a legendary leader in the natural and organic segment of the consumer products industry. Under his leadership, Presence has built an array of services that offers a difficult-to-replicate value proposition for their manufacturing and retail partners,” said Jim Kelley, a managing director and founding partner of Vestar. “Natural and organic food and beverage products are continuing to gain share of at-home dining, and the business expansion opportunities available to Presence provide additional upside to an already highly attractive business. We are delighted to become partners with Bill and the entire Presence team.”