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At Vestar, we believe in supporting our investments in a sustainable manner that facilitates long-term growth while adhering to the principles of good corporate governance. To this end, we believe active management of ESG risks and opportunities promotes the generation of long-term value, strong risk-adjusted returns, and responsible investing.

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Living our Commitment

We conduct formal ESG due diligence for all prospective investments, as well as ongoing annual ESG performance monitoring for all controlled investments to evaluate progress and/or determine if new recommendations are warranted. ESG diligence examines exposure to industry-wide considerations within the consumer, healthcare, and business services & technology services sectors, while also identifying the unique risks and opportunities present in each investment.

Each Vestar employee is responsible for upholding our ESG policy, working alongside portfolio company management to ensure that material ESG findings are promptly and appropriately addressed.

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Firm-wide Management

We recognize that our own internal operations face certain ESG risks, specifically with respect to social and governance matters including data privacy and security, ethics and compliance, social and labor conditions, and diversity and equal employment opportunity. We are committed to mitigating and eliminating these risks wherever possible, and are incorporating ESG management into our standard firm-wide practices.

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ESG Best Practices

While we assess ESG issue areas that constitute material risks and/or commercial opportunities specific to our companies and targets, we also seek to engage with the broader investment community on best practices.

Our ESG program takes into consideration principles and standards such as United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) as well as the American Investment Council’s Guidelines for Responsible Investment. Vestar regularly reviews and revises its ESG framework to ensure it reflects the latest industrywide guidance and practices.