MCG Capital Corporation

Investment Type:   Growth Equity
Sale Type:   IPO
Date Bought:   July 2000
Date Sold:   February 2005

MCG is a private company formed by Goldman Sachs and Company and management to purchase the Media Communications Group of First Union National Bank in a management buyout in 1998. MCG provided capital to small- and medium-sized companies with sales between $5 million and $200 million in three main industry sectors: media, communications and technology. MCG invested in media and publishing companies, including Wired Magazine, Upside Media and Corporate Legal Times; information companies such as Morningstar, TVData and; and CLECs and ISPs such as Access One, MetTel and Bizzness Online. Additionally, MCG invested in eBusiness architects, such as Washington, DC-based Adrenaline Group, application service providers and security companies. MCG, which was headquartered in Arlington, VA, and had offices in Richmond, VA, and Boston, MA, was ranked in the top 25 DC-area financial institutions as measured by stockholders equity, net income and assets.